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Title AutoMail Attachment Autoresponder
Platform Remotely Hosted
Price $10/month
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - AutoMail Attachment Autoresponder
Category Remotely Hosted » Form Processors
Hits 668
Description AutoMail is a form driven program that can input an email address from a visitor on your web site and then autorespond an email to that person containing any file as an attachment. This allows automated distribution of binary files (shareware in particular), and allows the collection of email addresses for people that are interested in your software. An online management center allows real-time monitoring, access to log files, and editing of preferences. All of the HTML you need is generated for you by filling out an easy form.


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Scripts Related to - AutoMail Attachment Autoresponder

Script Name

Unlike the conventional form mailer, we also store the forms submitted to you. Other features include auto-responders and form validity checking. FormBuddy does not force you to display its banners at your site, nor does it ask for a link back.

Form Emailer

This script will e-mail you the contents of a fill-out form. After your viewer fills the form out, they will be redirected to a URL you specify.


Response-O-Matic lets you design your forms any way you want, asking your visitors as many questions as you like. The form submissions are emailed to you every time a visitor to your Web site submits a form. You can use check boxes, radio buttons, pull down menus, and text boxes. It also features: Automatically CC another person when a form is submitted, Required form fields support, Find out the type of browser your visitors are using, Optionally format the form data so that it is ready to cut and paste into a database or spreadsheet program. Free Form Processing

This is an E-mail Form Processing service that lets you put a series of questions up on your page. The responses will be e-mailed back to you instantly. Great for business or just for fun. Ask any questions you like.

Free-Mail by remote

With this module you can interact with your visitors by email through your Web site. Free-Mail eliminates the need to use the "mailto:" tag and its associated hassles. It also alleviates the security, cost and implementation concerns of running local email scripts. It features: Decodes the mail before sending it to you, Provides a confirmation page which links to a page of your choosing, and more.

Form-Mail by remote

Free CGI Resources: Feedback Form

This is a form processing service where your visitors can fill form and send you their comments without using e-mail program.

Bravenet E-mail Forms and Messenger

Bravenet E-mail Forms and Messenger is a great way of getting feedback/input from your visitors. E-mail forms let you put a series of questions up on your page and the responses will be e-mailed back to you instantly. Your E-mail Forms are completely customizable so you can ask any questions you like, and lay out the form however you like.


With BYOApp (Build-Your-Own Application) you can build your own form or questionnaire and have user responses automatically stored by Server.Com for your reference. Or, have the information emailed to you.

Form Processing, with optional Auto-Response

Form Processing Made Easy! Unlitmed amount of fields can be used. The data is formated and sent to you, with the value of field = input from user. The auto-resonse is sent to the user submiting the form, this is a good check if they inlcuded a vaild email address.

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