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Title Auto Emailer
Platform Unix
Price GPL
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Website Visit Website of - Auto Emailer
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Web-based Email
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Description This is a simple script that sends out a HTML email when ever the page it is installed on is hit. Useful for notifying you when an entry in a guest book or database etc. has been made. Just configure it as described and add it to the 'your entry was successful' page. Includes a link back to the page so you can view the entry.


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Scripts Related to - Auto Emailer

Script Name


poppawid is a free, full featured web based email client written in PHP. It is an extension of the now abandoned "popper_mod" project which was an extension of the origional popper. It runs on any server that can run PHP and mySQL. Uses POP and SMTP. Users can have multiple email accounts setup within their account. Has Calendar, Addressbook, Spell check, Folders, and more. Newer features include Multiple attachments, skinning, filters,bug fixes +. Previously known as Popper_mod-wid

SocketMail Lite Edition

SocketMail Lite is designed to allow webmasters who do not have any dedicated server or using shared web-hosting services to provide web based email service. SocketMail Lite support multi-domain 'alias', that enable you to provide service like From one single web site, users can signup for domain name of their choice and later login to the domain that they have signed up for.

Simple Mail Form

A simple example of how to add an email form to your site. Supports both text and html messages.

SocketMail Professional Edition

SocketMail (Linux) is a multi-domain and multi lingual web-based e-mail engine that comes with SMTP and POP3 server. The engine runs on Linux platform. Uses MySQL for storage. With lots of features for end-user and administrators.


Feriepost is a web-based POP3 mail client that allows you to read/send/delete/reply/forward mail, attach files to outgoing mail, view all message headers, view source, etc. It is extremely easy to set up and does not require a database. However, it does not feature folders ("Sent Mail", "Trash", etc.).

Bphp Webmail Frontend

This is a free, easy to user webmail frontend. It supports (and has integrated): -POP,IMAP -Contacts -Attachments -Notebook -etc. It is easy to adopt to your webpage, using CSS.


Hail is a web based Hotmail client written in PHP. This client will give users some advanced abilities over their hotmail account. At this time the plans for Hail's future looks good. The Hail connection class is licensed under the GNU General Public License. <BR><BR> Hail is now being rebuilt from the ground up. We decided that logging into the Hotmail webpage and parsing the HTML was neither efficient or reliable. The new version makes use of the HTTPMail protocol that Outlook Express versions 5 and above use. As such, all old code has been scrapped, and a team effort is turning out the new code. A couple of general goals are to have a cleaner interface than hotmail with little or no ads, and a reusable PHP API for use in other applications. <BR><BR> All HTTP authentication and XML parsing code have been hand-implemented, and there is no reliance on third party libraries. The reason for this is that we decided that people with only PHP installed should still be able to use Hail without having to have root / Administrator access on the server to install extra libraries etc. (Also Craig's web hosting provider doesn't have cURL etc. :) <BR><BR> We're very interested in hearing what kind of features and functionality our users would like to see implemented. If you're not a user yet because a major feature is missing, or because of a bug that we don't seem to have listed as a todo item, let us know and we'll probably add it to the bug list or the proposed feature list. <BR><BR> Version .07a is out, and now includes the ability to delete email, among several interface changes and other new features. Visit the Hail site for more info.


phpWebmail is a free, simple to install & small webmail client. It doesn't need anything except fsockopen and has now a lot of new features: administration pannel, drafts, trash, attachments, fully customizable template system, upload folder and much more. Ideal for those who just want to provide an easy access to their mail server, easily and quickly. Demo <a href="">here</a>


PHP-Cyradm is a set of PHP script that allows the administration of the IMAP-Mailboxes over a web interface. Features include: Administration of all mailboxes existing on the imap-system(create, rename, delete, recursive delete, recursive rename), Administration of the ACL for each folder on the imap-system(add, delete, change ACL), and Configuration of the cyrus-imap-server(editing /etc/imapd.conf).

Super Web Mail

Features folders, contacts, event calendar, external pop servers, add/del filters.

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