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Title Auto-upload using IE+ADO without user interaction
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Website Visit Website of - Auto-upload using IE+ADO without user interaction
Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » File Manipulation
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Description This article shows a simple way to upload files from client to server using VBS, IE and ADODB as multipart/form-data document. Full source code included.


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This article illustrates some great uses of the File System Object. It shows how to choose a drive to search, and then builds a listbox of all the folders on that drive. Choose a folder and it builds a listbox of all the files in that folder. Choose a File and it will display it in the browser or prompt you to save the file to your hard drive.

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The author writes "ASP has the ability to write .html or any other text based documents directly to a web server (You need to write the text output to a directory that has write authority). This enables the instantaneous publication of user input without the need for uploading files from a PC." This example code shows how to write text based documents to a server using ASP.

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Initially developed to index ASP pages for a search capability, this article gives you a generic function to walk through your sub-folders using the FileSystemObject. Also discusses recursion and passing functions as parameters.


Keep track of clicks on files downloaded from your site. Easily add files to the database. Update Names associated with the file. Function to show clicks for all files included.

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