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Title Aurigma Graphics Processor
Platform Windows
Price $199
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Aurigma Graphics Processor
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Image Manipulation » Image Creation
Hits 678
Description Want a handy imaging component? Want a killer tool? Aurigma∆s incredible Graphics Processor loads and saves most popular web image formats. Want color reduction and dithering? Want to combine images? Graphics Processor pulls it off. Pulls it all off with multiple effects, rich drawing capabilities and so much moreŗ


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Scripts Related to - Aurigma Graphics Processor

Script Name

AiS Watermarker ActiveX

This component helps to protect your images. You can write color transparent watermark on them. It can be your logo or url of your site. AiS Watermarker reads your image from file (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG), adds to the image this watermark and saves resulting image in a new file. The component is useful web-designers, hosting company and programmers which plan to use watermarks in their applications.


DynImage is a free ActiveX control that creates on-the-fly dynamic images in PNG format for ASP developers.


Easily create and manipulate new or existing images. Draw lines, rectangles, pie, ellipse/circle. Gradient Fills and Pens. Create a new image or modify one saved on disk. DrawString supports gradient text colors. Overlay one image onto another.


AutoImageSize dynamically loads and resizes images for websites while the pages are being loaded. Written in C++, AutoImageSize is an extremely fast image processing tool. It is designed for use in ASP pages. Feature highlights include loading and resizing many image formats in webpages automatically. AutoImageSize supports loading JPEGs, BMPs, PSDs, PCXs, PNGs, TGAs, and TIFFs resizing them as JPEGs. Caching previously computed images for super fast (2ms) processing. Excellent control over variables such as aspect ratios, image resize filters, image quality, and more.

COMobjects.NET Picture Processor

COMobjects.NET Picture Processor is an ActiveX component which provides image stretching, rotating, cropping, watermarking, saving to ASP document stream and to Jpeg or BMP file. It supports various file formats including: PGM, PNG, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, PCX, BMP, etc.

COMobjects.NET Icon Grabber

Icon Grabber is a simple ActiveX component which allows you to retrieve icon associted with specified file, its type, save result both to ASP stream and JPEG file.


dImage is a fast and simple ASP component which allows you to resize images on the fly directly from your web page. dImage will convert the most common image formats, like JPG, PNG, PSD (yes, Adobe Photoshop!), BMP, TIF and more, into web-ready images. dImage will create high-quality thumbnails from any size image, and even resize your images to a larger size if you like.


AutoImageEffects is a web server component (COM and .net) which does a wide range of image processing remenicent of Photoshop. Among the options are resizing (4 aspect ratio guides, 16 resampling filters), rotating, flipping, blurring, sharpening, drawing text, and rectangles.


T1CFreeImage is a simple ATL component that creates PNG images on the fly. It draws lines and texts with a selected color and saves the rendered image to a file. The component can be used with ASP, Word, Excel and any other applications that support ActiveX. It's supplied with full source code that you can easily extend with your own functions and use new versions of libraries as they become available.


AspJpeg is an easy-to-use component that enables you to create high-quality image thumbnails in just a few lines of code. Features: Support for three popular image resizing algorithms (Nearest-Neighbor, Bilinear and Bicubic); Resultant thumbnails can be saved to disk or sent directly to client browser for better performance; Image sharpening, cropping and flipping; Access to the size information of source images; Adjustable degree of JPEG compression; and currently, only the JPEG format is supported.

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