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  • PicoStreamer audio streaming CGI
    PicoStreamer is a set of CGI (Perl) and PHP script to set up your own web radio. It works on a normal web hosting (Linux) and you no need an expensive dedicated server. Also, due to HTTP protocol used, you can stream data to server behind a NAT/Proxy/Firewall and you listeners can do the same. PicoStreamer is an Open Source project.
  • Media - Free/GPL
    Media is a Perl Script that creates .ram, .asx, and many other files. It uses kind of like a database to store the locations of your files. All you have to do is link to the script and the script does the rest. It also has a feature to block other people from linking to your media files.
  • PlayList Generator FX - Free/$30
    PlayList Generator FX is perl-CGI script that generates jukebox type HTML playlist from media files, for listening them over internet. You don't need to worry about updating links in web page, if you add, delete or rename some files. Users get always "up-to-date" list of available files. Supported players and formats are: Windows Media Player (wma, asf), WinAmp (mp3), RealPlayer (ra, rm).
  • - Free
    Wavtoreal is a small perl script for use with a console-based realproducer. This script asks you several options, you fill them in and then the real-audio-file is generated. Currently it's written only for wav-files, but it can be easily changed for movies and so on. The script asks for the following options: input file, output file, target audiences, audio format, info title, info author, info description, info copyright, allow recording, allow download and delete file or not.
  • RealAudio RAM Song List Creator - $39.95
    Designed for RealAudio or RealVideo-based websites, this program lets your visitors create their own song lists which can be saved at your site or their hardiscs. By clicking the generated RAM files, visitors can listen to the selected songs anytime continuously. RAM filenames are automatically assigned but can be renamed by visitors. The files older than X days will be automatically deleted. Script can be easily modified for some other similar file-creation purposes.
  • MăS - Free (GPL)
    MăS (MP3 Audio Entertainment System), a spinoff of version 1 of Richard Harman's myMP3, is a set of Perl scripts which interface with MySQL to provide streaming MP3's over the net. The package includes just about everything you'll need, such as sql scripts, shell scripts, Perl cgi, etc.
  • MyNapster WebClient - Free (GPL)
    MyNapster Webclient is a web interface to the MyNapster/Napster/Opennap Networks that allows you to download songs via Web.
  • MP3Jukebox - Free
    MP3 Jukebox is a great solution for playing MP3s from a web interface. Anyone with a web browser can play music, so you don't have to worry about CDs getting lost or physical access to a jukebox.
  • The Jukebox - Free
    The Jukebox allows you to manage a Realaudio music database content. With very little modification, it can be adapted to support any other type of media. It current features include: Database distributed on multiple files, Support for peering content sites and load balancing, and Database manager.
  • RipIT - Free
    RipIT allows you to create MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) audio files from an Audio CD. It is a console based front-end, written in perl, for 3 programs: xmcd for CDDB lookup, cdparanoia for ripping the Audio CD tracks, and bladeenc or lame for encoding the MP3 files. Main features include: The program will do the following without user intervention: Gets the Audio CD Album/Artist/Tracks information from CDDB (using xmcd), Rips the Audio CD Tracks (using cdparanoia), Encodes the MP3s, id3 tags the MP3s, Creates an M3U file, and bladeenc or lame for encoding the MP3 files.
  • MimeSlapper - Free
    MimeSlapper is a workaround for the confusing apache mime-type file headers, in the case of mp3 files, where a "standardized" mime type has not yet been widely accepted. It allows you to configure via a hard variable, or via a specialized url tag, which mime-type header you'd like to send to the users browser, in order to successfully play mp3 files from url links. This is also a good workaround for servers which have no mime-type headers set for mp3 files, because of this lack of standard, as well as for those webmasters who may need additional mime-type headers sent with select mp3 files. This script is intended to be a quick fix, and not to become a substitute for proper apache configuration. MimeSlapper would be suitable to deal with other apache mime-type difficulties as well, by changing the mime-types in the script.
  • Real Music Jukebox - Free
    A baisc RealAudio Jukebox program. With Real Music Jukebox You can build a list of your favorite songs.
  • mediawrap - Free
    If you offer media files on your site, you will probably have noticed that you have to create .ram-files or something similar. These .ram-files are kind of a "wrapper" for the real file. They are downloaded by the browser and given over to the player who then starts downloading and playing the real file. With lots of different media files, such "wrapper files" can start to be a real nuisance. mediawrap spares you this additional work by transparently handling media files. After installing mediawrap, you just link your media files as your normally would and mediawrap will take care of them. mediawrap supports RealMedia (.ra, .rm) and MPEG-III (mp3) files at the moment, but can be easily adapted for a lot of purposes (even non-multimedia files).
  • BS Midi - Free
    This is a random midi player written in Perl, it will play a random tune every time someone visits a page with the script on it. The program reads from a flat text database containing the midi URL and title. The script also supports a very customizable output. (Requires SSI)

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