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Title Attache Mailer
Platform All
Price Freeware
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Website Visit Website of - Attache Mailer
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Email Systems » Email Utilities
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Description Attache is the perfect solution for webmasters seeking to impliment an advanced form mail system into their website. Attache is fully costomisable and can be easily altered to suit your needs. It also allows you to send anonymous email which is good when filling complaints to organisations and the like. Also comes with a multiple-sends feature. Attache is a very simple to use advanced emailer for webmasters and the like.


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Scripts Related to - Attache Mailer

Script Name

Attache Email Bomber

Send fake emails from any email address to any email address with attachments! Also come with email bombing support which allows you to send multiple emails to a person with attachments to really create some chaos. This script is easy to use and easy to modify and is a must for webistes who want to use formail and get info from costomers or for internet hooligans who want to create a bit of havoc!


Did you ever want to offer a real Newsletter-Service on your Website but didn't know how to realize this easily No Problem! NewsletterManager is your solution. It allows you to manage an (almost) unlimited number of email-addresses and send as many Newsletters as you want (with an unlimited number of attachments!).

Email validator

This is a simple email validating script that uses a regular expression to check the submitted email for syntactical correctness. One of the most correct regular expressions used.

PHP POP3 Class

This is a PHP class for connecting to a POP3 mail server, retrieving messages and message information, and running other POP3 commands on the server. It comes with a guide on how to integrate it into scripts, along with a demo script which demonstrates its capabilities.

MailValidate PHP - Email Validation Script

MailValidate for PHP enables you to check the validitiy of an email address direct from your own server. GeoMonster MailValidate works by actually connecting to the mail server that handles email for the users domain. It then goes throught the process of sending an email without actually sending a message.

Asooy Contact Us

A simple email that allows visitors to send an email to you via a web based form. Also the email includes such useful information as the sender's IP and Hostname.

Mail Manage EX

MMEX is different from other form scripts and many other scripts in that there is only one file that controls all the functions. This is convenient because you do not have to deal with a lot of messy files. Also, the script is well organized and variables are relative to their function. Comments have been inserted throughout the script to provide structure, this makes it a breeze to add your own modifications. Mail Manage EX has the capabilitiy to send to multiple channels at once. Your options of sending are: email, file, csv, database, email & file, email & csv, or email & database. Generally, scripts with a lot of capabilities have many files for each function that may be intimdating to new programmers, MMEX tries to make it as simple as possible without losing the integrity of the script.

YAAB - Yet Another Address Book

yaab - yet another address book - is the perfect tool to manage your contacts and addresses. with the powerfull mysql database you are able to setup all details for your persons, you need. it's possible to change, delete and add users and as a special extra you can send mails via the yaab interface. fastness, easyness and quality distinguish this address book. originally written for my provider, but why not for all ;)

Cloaked e-Mail

This utility will enable you to create mailto links on your Website that will open fully formatted e-mails in users e-mail software. Pre-populate the subject, carbon copy, and body message fields etc. with your own information. Make simple feedback forms or template e-mails so that users need only add their names before returning them to you. Your own e-mail address is encoded within the link so that e-mail harvesting robots cannot ˘see÷ it. The link code is created from a simple Web form.

Polvero Subscriber List

The Polvero Subscriber List is a PHP / MySQL Email subscriber list which includes admin panel, auto confirmation, and an installer file. Have your visitors subscribe by inputting their Name and Email which get stored into a DB; and when you're ready to send out the update, it pulls all the results, and sends out the Email to everyone in your list automatically. Admin includes the Emailer Form, and a section to Add, Edit, & Delete Contacts.

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