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Title Aspose.Office
Platform Win2000,XP,2003
Price $648
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Aspose.Office
Category ASP.NET » Scripts and Components » File Manipulation
Hits 715
Description The product suite including all Aspose office file reading and writing components such as Aspose.Excel, Aspose.Word, Aspose.PowerPoint and Aspose.Project.


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Scripts Related to - Aspose.Office

Script Name


Aspose.PowerPoint is the .Net PowerPoint presentations component which enables you to read and write PowerPoint without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint. The 1.1 release add picture frames, grouped shapes, ID for each picture in a presentation, Base support for metafiles in a background and picture frames, Frames positioning and sizing, Base unicode text support, Possibility to change text format, etc.

Mediachase FileUploader.NET

The Mediachase FileUploader is a .NET control that allows you to simplify and optimize file uploading using a web browser to your ASP.NET Web Server. It doesn't require any special application on the client machine and supports a number of different approaches with minimal effort. - Specifically designed for use with Visual Studio .NET - Reduce request processing time and processor time required - Control the uploading process - More affectively define maximum file size that can be uploaded - Full support for Design-Time mode - Quick integration into existing applications - Supports Any File Size


Aspose.Pdf is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which can create Pdf documents featured in compression, texts, tables, graphs, images and hyperlinks without utilizing Adobe Acrobat. With it, you can create Pdf documents both for desktop applications and web server applications; you can create Pdf documents via XML or API or combined XML and API, which offers the most flexibility to create Pdf documents both from static data and dynamic data. Finally but most importantly, you can customize your Pdf document creation application in minutes from fully-featured demos both in C# and VB.Net, which create similar reports to those in the Microsoft Access Northwind Database Sample.

SoftArtisans FileUp Enterprise Edition

FileUp Enterprise Edition (FileUpEE) addresses the most complex needs of any secure file transfer application. FileUpEE features the industry‘«÷s first-ever file upload resumability for ASP and ASP.NET. Version 5 breaks through the built-in file size limitations of ASP.NET and IIS 6, allowing unlimited uploads. The enterprise edition of FileUp promotes a unique and secure three-tier file transfer architecture where uploads are always kept off vulnerable Web servers and streamed to a safe file store. FileUpEE easily handles multi-gigabyte file transfers (even those in excess of 100 GB), supports Web farms, and functions across firewalls. FileUpEE scales to the most demanding Web sites consisting of numerous server farms and multiple levels of security perimeters.

SoftArtisans FileUp Standard Edition

FileUpSE transmits files from a local hard disk to a server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or to a separate file server that is networked to the Web server. With FileUpSE, file transfer sizes can reach 4 GB within ASP or ASP.NET with minimal server resources. This incredible file transfer strength means you never have to worry about ASP.NET's default file size limit.

Mono ShellControls

Mono ShellControls is an ASP.NET control pack containing three advanced components for server-side file manipulation. If you want to add directory browsing, in-place image display, or file download/upload functionality to your ASP.NET application, this pack is just what you need. You can use this control to create your own custom directory browser or graphical file-system navigation utility. It adds directory browsing, document viewing, and data downloading capabilities to Web applications.


dotEtiveFTP enables you to transfer, rename, delete, make, enumerate files and folders synchronously and asynchronously. It supports Socks 4/4A/5, IPv6, transfers resuming, recusive folder transfer, custom commands, transfers tracking, and FXP data transfer for faster backups.

HTTP Commander ( .NET)

Powerful web based file manager for IIS webservers. It has two excellent designs, FULL SECURITY, Main features: CUT, COPY, DELETE, PASTE, RENAME, EDIT and Advanced: disk QUOTA, ZIP/UNZIP, UNDO, UPLOAD with progress bar, shortest HTML code(good for low speed servers or dial-up connections). ASP.NET source code easily customizeble. Different versions (including 100%ASP).

ZipLab app

This is a web based file manager for zipping and unzipping files on a server


Web-based file management application. Create a fully functional browser interface to the file system. Features include full search and sorting capabilities, file upload, file download, document preview window, print, copy, direct editing, image manipulation, filtering. Easily implemented with as little as one line of code.

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