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Title Appserv
Platform all†Win
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Appserv
Category PHP » Software and Servers » Installation Kits
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Description PHP 4.3.3RC1 + Support Fully GD2 Bundled (2.0.15) and GIF Read Support. + Zend Optimizer 2.1.0a increase your php run-time. + Zend Encoder File Processing support. + EXIF module enable. + Ming module enable for SWF (Flash) create on the fly. + Enhanced Session support. + XML Support + Zip module enable. + and more improve. MySQL 4.0.13 phpMyAdmin 2.5.1 Setup complete with in 20 seconds !


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Scripts Related to - Appserv

Script Name

BigApache for Windows

This Package provides a full implementation of Apache and its commonly used extension modules for the Win32 plattform, which means Windows NT©, Windows 2000© and Windows XP©. This is the base package for BigApache. It includes Apache 2.x, mod_ssl, OpenSSL, mod_perl, mod_python and mod_jk (JBoss with Tomcat). Additional modules are available in the module distributions and in the BigApache-modules repository.

firepages phpdev

This is a PHP4.2.3, MySQL4, Apache 1.3.27, and phpMyAdmin 2.3.2 + mod_perl(1.27) 5.6.1 bundle (+ Cerebus FTP). It is preconfigured for win 9*/2K/XP and the complete installation with no configuration required. Updated to the latest and greatest versions of all the good stuff Includes preconfigured InvisionBoard Forum (with permission) and PhpWebsite, perl module ready for apache::asp, mason, embperl, etc.


SpaceServer is a WAMP kit for all versions of Windows. SpaceServer includes: Apache 1.3.27, mySQL-Max 3.23.54, PHP 4.2.3 and mod_gzip It also has some useful scripts like: phpMyAdmin 2.3.3pl1, myPHPadmin 0.9.2. Includes a multi language setup and English readme.


A package containing php, mysql, perl, and apache. Future versions will use an SSL enabled build of apache.


FoxServ is an Apache / mySQL / PHP installer package for Windows and Linux platform. It's included PHP, Apache, MySQL, MyPHPAdmin and Zend Optimizer. The latest version now includes Python and MySQL FrontEnd. Try our IDE editor, FoxBrowse Beta.


Phperl is basically Apache PHP Perl & MySQL compiled in a single package that has a setup program so you donít have to configure any httpd.conf files. It has many additonal features like its ability to run 5 sites & comes with a fully configured Control Panel. It also includes phpMyAdmin & Hermes to turn your computer into a fully capable WebServer. Phperl is now capable of handling Apache2.


Fast-Pitch is an open source tool that quickly configures a Linux server with a complete set of web and mail services. Fast-Pitch automates the download, install, and configuration of web related software, including Apache, PHP, MySQL, ProFTPD, tinydns, qmail, ezmlm, vpopmail, qmailadmin, vqadmin, courier-imap, squirrelmail, osCommerce, phpMyAdmin, phorum, MRTG, Apache-ASP, Analog, mirrordir, sysmon, and much more.

Linux Easy Installer

Linux Easy Installer is a script written in Perl that allows you to install quickly Apache 2.0.36, PHP 4.2.1, MySQL 3.23.49, phpMyAdmin 2.2.6. This script contains the sources of the programs and make the install and modify the configuration file.

eZ publish installer

This program will install Apache, PHP, MySQL, libXml2 and ImageMagick and configures your system to run eZ publish. NOTE: This will install the 2.2 final release of eZ publish and is only for testing. Please report any bugs you find in the installation program. It's been tested on RedHat, please report success stories on other systems. The new Apache server will be running on the two ports you specify during the installation and MySQL will be running on port 3400. The MySQL socket will be /opt/ezpublish/mysql.sock, so this will not do anything with your old Apache/MySQL config.

Fox Installer

FOX provides a development platform with the programming tools to develop database application for the WEB with an easy installation. FOX includes the latest releases of Apache Web Server, MySQL MAX, Perl, PHP, phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL, Hermes SMTP/POP3 server, Mason, Mod_perl, EmbPerl and much more.

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