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  • phpCodeGenie - Free (GPL)
    phpCodeGenie (PCG) is a code generator for database driven applications. PCG can generate entire working basic database driven applications for you. PCG can generate code from different databases. While the core version generates mostly PHP Code, phpCodeGenie can be modified to generate code in any programming language - Perl, Java, C#, ASP etc.. Just design your database tables and phpCodeGenie can write the php scripts and programs for you. phpCodeGenie will build data entry forms, insert scripts, database lister scripts, edit record forms, update record scripts, delete confirmation scripts, delete scripts, search forms, search scripts etc.. It provides a core basic code from which you can build on.
  • mvc php framwork - free
    php framework is built based on MVC pattern for separation of actions from display. Using this framework will result in cutting development time dramatically. The framework includes code generators, user management system, security system and embed in it the leading php/javasript software's like adodb, phpmailer, smarty and more.
  • Ampoliros - Free (GPL)
    Ampoliros is an advanced and easy to use distributed PHP Web applications platform, featuring a powerful Xml-Rpc and Soap interface and a security layer. It is suitable as an Internet/Intranet development and deployment system. It has a very strong modular architecture and allows very fast deployment of web solutions.
  • Sourdough Framework - Free (LGPL)
    Sourdough is a comprehensive web application framework for PHP5. Sourdough provides developers with real-world solutions for common system components such as User Management, Session Handling, User Authentication, Exception Handling and Logging, Template System as well as Form Building and Handling. It does also include a database abstraction layer with excellent support for the popular MySQL database as well as support for many other database systems like MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and the new lightweight SQLite. Sourdough's extensive feature set can also simplify or eliminate many common, and often tedious, programming tasks.
  • PHP2Go Web Development Framework
    PHP2Go is a development framework designed to help experient developers and begginer programmers to create Web-based Systems. It's and object-oriented, structured and hierarchical set of classes and libraries developed using PHP, XML and JavaScript. The main goal of PHP2Go is to be a complete code repository to build systems with code reuse, object orientation, separation between logic and presentation code and database transparency. All the components of the API have the same purpose: to create an object oriented abstraction layer that runs over the powerful PHP API, providing an organized, structured and easier way to create HTML documents, HTML forms, database or file data sets, reports, HTML templates and much more. Visit the project home page to get more information, including help tips and online demos.
  • PAS
    PAS is an application server for PHP. Created to database business applications. It let you apply the MVC (Model View Controler) pattern to your applications. Separation between business logic and presentation. Event Management, Database Registry, templates to manage Forms, Reports, Package management. Maximum reuse of code. Its main purpose is to speed up development database driven web application by taking care of all the time consuming task.
  • OpenBiz - a php business software framework - free(GPL/BSD)
    OpenBiz provides a PHP framework that assists you to build complicated web application in an easy way. With the help of OpenBiz, you have a clear logic OOP architecture, your business object is based on Object to Relational O/R Mapping, and you can quickly implement your business logic and presentation logic by constructing the XML metadata files using OpenBiz Design Studio. From version 1.1, PDF report and Excel ouput are supported as Plug-in services.
  • PHP Reusable Web Framework - free(MIT)
    PHP Reusable Web Framework (rwfPHP) is a set of Object Oriented classes that allow development of Object Oriented Event driven web applications. The main goals of rwfPHP is to speed development through the use of a simple event driven model, reuse of code through web controls, and separation of presentation and logic layers through the use of templates.
  • Achievo ATK - Free (Sleepycat license)
    Achievo ATK is an object oriented Web-application framework. It is targeted at developers who wish to focus on business logic instead of coding HTML. Where other application frameworks mainly provide a large set of utility classes, ATK provides a complete framework that requires only small amounts of code to get usable applications, while maintaining full flexibility. In other words, even 10 lines of code get you a working application, but everything that is generated for you can be completely customized.
    SMART is a simple PHP script to help developers to modularise their code and so, keep it clean, well structured and scalable. The module mechanism is based on event handlers. The modules can talk to each other through events. This event concept is even used in templates. SMART is database independent.
  • Akaar is really something different and new with PHP - Free
    You can call this anything you like. What we can tell you is, it is an endeavour towards addressing few issues like mentioned above. We have tried to solve all this issue and also added few features that can really enhance the development work dramatically. It provides some interesting features like BackFire, Automated Client side Validation, Layout Management, Nice Error reporting and Handling, Controlling etc
  • phpPeanuts framework - free (Academic Free License)
    phpPeanuts is an OOP framework for business applications in php. It dynamicly generates a fully functional web based user interface from application domain objects. Whenever you extend or refine your application phpPeanuts will instantly adapt the user interface. This keeps the development cycle eXtremely short. Offers high level components for searching, sorting, dialogs and tabs. Features component model, persistency, form generation and validation, unit testing, extensive customization.
  • Carthag - GPL
    Carthag is an open source applications platform written in PHP 5, making full use of the new language features. Being distributed with the GPL license, Carthag is free to use and distribute. Carthag's main purpose is to bring PHP at the Enterprise level. This is achieved by using new PHP 5 OOP features, adopting the best Design Patterns and bringing some other platforms ideas (in particular Java) to Carthag.
  • PRADO: component framework for PHP 5
    We have recently developed a component framework for PHP 5 named PRADO. The component model of PRADO follows closely to that in Borland Delphi, Visual Basic and ASP.NET, and it is event-driven. A PRADO application is a collection of pages each of which is a hierarchical tree of components having properties, events, assets, templates, and so on. Components are highly configurable and they can inherited or composed together to form new components. A wonderful thing about PRADO is that it is event-driven. Unlike traditional procedural programming, developers now concentrate more on responding to different component events. For example, you can write an OnClick event handler function to respond to the user click on a button, or you can write an OnTextChanged event handler function to respond to any content change in a text field. People familiar with desktop GUI programming may find Web programming with PRADO is very similar to that.
  • CVPFrameWork - GPL
    CVPFrameWork is a complete framework solution for PHP developers. It's based on object modeling in PHP5. It includes: - Set of Native Objets like String, Integer, Vector... - Complete exception handler system - Connection to remote sockets and creation of INET and UNIX sockets - Easy email sending system - Streams (only for sockets management actually) And it will include: - Database abstraction - Easy logging system - XML-RPC implementation to create servers and clients - Testers for all classes to guarantee class correct working - PHP error handling - Easy to configure: just a simple file
  • Yawp - LGPL
    Yawp is a PEAR-based single-file foundation for web applications. Yawp provides these PEAR classes in just one file (and a config file): A unified configuration file, a variable dumper, a timer, authentication processing, a DB instance, as a Yawp property, a cache, a composite logging mechanism,
  • NeXTensio 2 tNG - $149
    For a developer or project manager building mid-sized web projects that wants to manage database information using HTML forms, NeXTensio is the solution that brings productivity to the process. Unlike other software packages, our product uses a tight integration with Dreamweaver MX, automating code generation and editing. Using NeXTensio you will be able to create a website administration section within minutes! NeXTensio features: --Productivity, even for non-programmers; --Ease of use; --Tight database integration; --Automate form creation and editing; --Based on tNG (transactioN enGine); --ColdFusion and PHP support; --Tight integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX; --Multiple database type connection.
  • Portal API - Free (LGPL)
    Portal API is a PHP framework. It is mainly aimed at the development of internet/intranet portals. The core system is made up of a templating system (using Smarty), DB access (through PEAR) and ACL management. It also features a plethora of modules aiming at various scopes, like CMS, image manipulation, users and groups management and more.
  • FuseLogic - Free (BSD)
    FuseLogic is a PHP application frameworks for building and mantaining website as easily as possible. Anybody who can understand the "PHP switch" function can create circuit as a Module for FuseLogic. The FuseLogic API is very simple and very easy to be understand even for newbies.
  • PHITE PHP Site Framework - Free (GPL)
    PHITE is a simple yet powerful site framework written in PHP. Features include: No coding necessary, a site can be built from plaintext files if desired; Whole site generated from single HTML template file; Supports very simple 'skins', just give multiple template files; Site structure and contents derived from directory structure; Build whole site from small text, HTML or PHP 'snippets'; No database necessary; Very easy maintenence; Single PHP main script with only two variables to set to start out; Very flexible and simply extendible; Multiple 'sub-sites' with different look, feel and content can be driven by the same script.

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