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Title AntiSpambotMailto()
Platform n/a
Price Free (BSD)
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Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Security
Hits 924
Description CGI mailto forms provide the ultimate level of protection from spambots. However, unless you need that for other reasons such as database transactions, mailto links have the great advantage of ensuring that you receive the sender's correct email address. The beauty of AntiSpambotMailto is that the email address parameter is not just the usual collection of ASCII codes. Each encoded character is also offset by the total length of the email address. For a spambot to be foolproof, they would have to write a complete JavaScript parser, which seems unlikely.


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One way spammers get your email address is with programs written to extract addresses from web pages. These robots, as they are called, look for mailto: links in the body of web pages. A good way to protect your email address from spammer lists created in this way is keep your email address off web pages. But what if you want people to have your links to your email address This script, SafeMail, solves the problem. SafeMail lets you put your address on the page using javascript's document.write method. With this, your user's browser displays your email link exactly as if you had coded it with HTML, except you can achieve this effect without at any point putting the string of your email address in the code. This means spambots find nothing, and you stay clear of spam.

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