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Title And Boom - A Big Window
Platform n/a
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - And Boom - A Big Window
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Windows and Frames
Hits 917
Description This JavaScript launches a rapidly expanding window that moves down and across the screen until it fills the entire screen area (IE) in fullscreen mode. The script then loads your content page into the fullscreen view. Neat effect.


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Scripts Related to - And Boom - A Big Window

Script Name

Ascripts Random Exit Popup

AREP opens an exit popup window on a web page exit in background, randomly selects and displays a website out of a customizable pool of URLs. Cookie verification ensures that visitor does not get popup window(s) again within same browser session. Define popup URLs, cookie verification and script session ID allowing you to run multiple, individual exit popup campaigns.

Frame Buster Breaks Page From Framesets

This simple script insures that your page cannot be captured inside of the frameset of another site. Put it in your page header, and it automatically makes your page the parent or 'top' page in the browser.

Accent JavaScript Web-Based Browser

The Accent JavaScript browser is a complete, basic, fullscreen web-based browser implemented in a JavaScript script set, including the core controls (Location Box with Go button, and Home, Back, Stop, Forward, and Close Buttons). Clean, simple, slick design, this is a solid starting point for building your own site-based browser, and a good demo of basic techniques. Easy to 'rebrand' to your own site. Full code listings are provided, as well as a download 'kit' with all code, ready to run, with no modification needed. Freeware.


@utoPopups is THE 4-in-1 javascript code generator, creating customized Popup Windows, Pop onTop Windows (popovers), Help Popups and Close Popups in one easy to use package. Popup Windows - all the usual browser and window options plus additional special functions include multi cookie frequency control, keep focus and scrolling window options. Pop onTop Windows - customize click and drag or fixed position windows to ensure your message is seen and not blocked by popup blockers. Help Popups - the latest for user friendly browsing - offer help on your website functionality or use as a novel promotional tool! Close Windows in 6 different ways, including by customizable visual countdown. Very easy to use and comes complete with a comprehensive help file. A free demo version helps in product evaluation prior to purchase - check it out now!

Auto Close Window Script

Automatically close your popup or popunder windows after a specified amount of time has passed.

Ascripts Multiple Timed Popups

AMTP opens one or multiple timed popup windows upon web page access and one popup window upon exit. Cookie verification ensures that visitor does not get popup window(s) again within same browser session. Define popup URLs, popup time, cookie verification and script session ID allowing you to run multiple, individual popup campaigns.

Timed Self-Closing Popup Window Kit

This is a small kit with popup window launching code on one page, and the code to automatically close the popup window after a preset period of time on a second page. This is basically a mini-tutorial, with very clear instructions and clean code in a working demo -- great for JavaScript newcomers.

Popup Window From Hell

This short, easy script set launches a window that continually re-opens itself and cannot be permanently closed *unless* the visitor clicks on a link that you provide.

Javascript Window System

Using Javascript and PHP, we have been able to construct a virtual window environment(VWE). This VWE tries to simulate multiple browser windows inside of a single web page. This allows the visitor the ability to move and resize items on the page. The user can open windows using the launch pad, and those windows can dynamically load php or html documents inside of virtual windows. The user can move, resize, hide, maximize, and close the virtual window. The documents are loaded into the current window, even though the document has completely loaded

Windows Meta-object (WMO)

The JavaScript Window Meta-object is a JavaScript object that adds custom functions and properties to the standard JavaScript Window object. With this object you can exercise greater control over the display and functionality of browser windows with fewer lines of code and without worrying about cross-platform compatibility issues. Revision 'a' adds Safari compatibility and a vertical align option.

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