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Title An easy way to add tables
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related
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Description Insert a table into a database dynamically. You don't even have to open MS Access. One simple asp does the trick. Using ADOX you can add and manipulate tables easily once you know how.


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Scripts Related to - An easy way to add tables

Script Name

Pick a random record from a database

When you have lots of ads or lots of jokes and you want to show only one, you can choose to pick one at random from the database. This tutorial explains how.

SQL In Simple English - Part 1

Article describes what is SQL? what it is used for? how to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE records from the database? and more.

Connecting to your SQL Database

If you have an SQL database set up with your web host, a useful tip to know is how to connect to your SQL database via Enterprise Manager. The advantage of knowing how to do this is that you will be able to manage your SQL Server database via Enterprise Manager over TCP/IP, yourself.

Real Time Data Grid Part 2/2

This article wraps up the details of the real time data grid that started in part one of this two-part article. It looks at the JavaScript code that contacts our database server and allows us to update data in a database without actually refreshing the page.

Real-Time Data Grid Part 1/2

The part one of this two-part article shows how to create an ASP class that allows us to work with our databases through a web browser. It will allow us to update and delete records dynamically using JavaScript and XMLHTTP, without ever having to refresh the page.

Creating DTS Packages With SQL Server 2000

Data Transformation Services (DTS) were added to SQL Server 7 and allow us to combine several data-related tasks into one common object. This article shows us how to create a DTS package with SQL Server 2000 that will access a database and email the results of a query to some sales executives. It also shows us how to execute and error trap DTS packages from within an ASP script.

Compact & Repair Access Database

Compact and repair your access database online from ASP code. This is example code of how this can be done.

Using MyODBC To Access Your MySQL Database Via ASP

MySQL is the most popular open source database system available today, and is currently installed on over two million servers worldwide. This article takes a look at using the free MyODBC driver to talk to a MySQL database from an ASP script.

Two Ways To Connect To SQL Server 2000 Via ASP

This article will show you two different methods that you can use to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database: System DSN's and the OLEDB connection string. It will also explain the positives and negatives of each method, along with some examples to get you started.

Grabbing Data On The Fly

When we∆re querying a database, we will usually need to press a submit button on a form to pass data to another ASP page, which would generate the query, and return the results. In some situations, this page refresh is just plain annoying and takes too long to complete. This article will describe another way to query a database using a combination of web technologies.

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