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Title All Redirections
Platform Unix
Price Free/$25
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Website Visit Website of - All Redirections
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Redirection » Hostname Based
Hits 552
Description All Redirections is a Perl script that allows you to host unlimited number of domains on one IP. You can chooose between 16 redirection types: frame/cloak redirection with meta, keywords/descriptions, with or without favicon.ico, redirection without cloaking, wap/wml redirection, with or without advertising frame/window where you can put Your affiliate links. Also features web based maintenance and support for path forwarding.


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Scripts Related to - All Redirections

Script Name

Spider Cloak

Spider Cloak is a search engine cloaking script that hides the source code to prevent theft and generates optimized marketing pages for submission. Spider Cloak supports wildcard 3rd level domains and tracks all visitors to the doorway pages - both surfers and spiders and dynamically redirects traffic both by IP and user agent. It creates a user-defined number of doorway pages that can be optionally all linked together.


SmartRedirector is a Perl script for redirecting Web page visitors according to IP address range. To be pasted into the Web page code. IP address ranges sorted by country. But you can configure any range according to the criteria you need. IP address ranges lists and script manual are included in the download set.

World Wide Anywhere

This software allows you to run an entire website from your home platform. It is however advised that you use this software as a mirror tool for your site or to use this software so you can run executables off of your WebServer that your remote WebServer will not let you run. Most basic and even premium hosting accounts rarely let you run executables on their servers. This software allows you to do just that and more.

Return Visitor Redirect

Would you like to send recent return visitors to a different page Using SSI you can do that with this simplistic yet useful script. You can control the number of IPs (default is 250, adjust according to your traffic) to log before resetting and this does not use cookies so they can't simply erase the cookie and bypass the script. This is especially useful if you want to display a different page for bookmarkers then for first timers to your website.

ICS (Inexpensive Cloaking Script)

This script protects your HTML code from theft, and deliver your optimized pages to search engines. It supports AltaVista, Inktomi(Inktomi powered SE's, such as HotBot, MSN, Ink.Yahoo!,, and many others which use Inktomi), Lycos, Excite, and NorthernLight.


This script selectively serves HTML based on the client HOST information. Great for protecting your html page that gets your site at the top of the search engines. It serves one page to the search robots and another to surfers.


This script can detect if the viewer of your web page is a real person or a search engine. It serves your regular home page to a real person and a specially designed "robot page" to a search engine. The robot page can be loaded with keywords and all the techniques that'll get a page high rankings on search engines and completely invisible to any real person who may attempt to steal your code for higher rankings in search engines.


This cloaks verifies the IP and *optionally* the "Remote_Host" and then looks for the user agent. If someone comes from a cluster of IPs that is in this script but is using a Mozilla browser (Netscape or MSIE), they will be directed to the "human" page. This script will also keep a would-be code stealer from having access to your pages. You will notlose rank when someone foolish decides to copy your page and get you both kicked out of the Search Engines.

Host Redirect

A extremely handy script that allows you to redirect multiple host names to anywhere else you want them to go. For example, you want people from AOL to goto a particular page, people from Mindspring another and you want the rest of you visitors to goto the main index.


IPush is an I.P. based cloaking and delivery agent which lets you deliver engine specific doorway pages. IPush also protects all of your well ranking doorway pages from Net Bandits.

Google Search


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