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Title AirHead Theme
Platform All
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - AirHead Theme
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous » phpBB Modules
Hits 658
Description Airhead is a girly pink


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Scripts Related to - AirHead Theme

Script Name

Posts Per Day Average on Topics

This modification displays the user's post per day average underneath their post count on the viewtopic page of your phpBB forum.


Charcoal2 is a new theme for phpBB 2.0.x. Which features a silver and charcoal colour scheme with

phpBB Fetch All

phpBB Fetch All is a modification to phpBB that displays data from the forum on any page of a website. It supports all phpBB versions from the 2.0.x branch.

Get phpBB topics as XML

This script allows you to get the latest posts (topics) from a phpBB board as XML and then you can manipulate the XML and display it on other sites. I wrote this script becuase my forums are hosted on a different server to my main site and I needed to display the latest posts on the board on my may main site.

Milk theme for phpbb 2.0.x

A Blue, Ornage and silver colour scheme for phpBB.

zBlue theme

zBlue is a premium template for phpBB. It features a glassy blue and orange colour scheme. Included with the theme are all .psd files, rank images and an avatar set. Visit our forums to see it in action zBlue is only 20 (approx $35) - you can buy the phpbb theme through Paypal for your site now.


The third Charcoal is now available. It includes an improved image set and re-worked graphics plus a new look header. This time it has; * A newly designed header/footer * A fully designed ACP * Improved icons * Re-styled graphics Please leave our link in the footer - this is a requirement of use. Please do not convert this to any other script based software (i.e nuke systems, other forum scripts etc) without permission first. Photoshop document of the header is included in the zip

phpBB Fetch All

phpBB Fetch All is a modification to phpBB that displays data from the forum on any page of a website. It supports all phpBB versions from the 2.0.x branch.

Who Am I A Buddy Of

Displays a list containing users who've included you in their Buddy Lists. This add-on should work with any version of the Buddy List MOD by Vincent Grouls. His MOD can be downloaded from my site.

phpBB - Passport

phpBB-Passport is the next step in the phpBB World. Are you annoyed with constantly signing up to every forum you goto, approve your account, and filling out the registration, and the rest of the hassel that goes with it. Well thats all going to change with phpBB-Passport! When you signup for your phpBB Passport account, all your details including AIM, Signiture, and settings, are saved. When you goto a forum and you see the phpBB-Passport logo on the forum, simply click it, and login with the same login name and password as with your phpBB-Passport, even if your not registered! When you login, your details are automatically transfered, and you are instantly logged in, its just like having a username and password for all forums without signing up! This can be added to any phpBB forum free of charge!

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