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Title AddLock
Platform UNIX, Linux, BSD
Price $24.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - AddLock
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » User Authentication
Hits 848
Description AddLock Membership Management System is a PHP script for secure management of your website users' authentication and membership. It guards your resources against any security violation attempts.


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Scripts Related to - AddLock

Script Name

LLBRA login

LLBRA login is a user login system that uses a simples DB (.php) and sessions. It's very easy to use and configure, and has an online admin tool for editing data and deleting users, etc. It's in english and portuguese now !

Password Protection

Password Protection is a PHP/MySQL application which allows you to easily block access to selected files. You simply add one line of code to each of the files you wish to protect and the system takes care of the rest. Also, Password Protection comes with a fully-functional administration panel which allows you to administer your user and admin accounts. Version 1.2 released 2004-02-25

umbrella users

umbrella users brings a new level of User Authentication, built in mailing list, easy installer plus more.

ExplodingAccess - Simple Invision Board Powered Members Area

New Version 1.2 Creates a secure members' area for your site, which runs from an Invision Board member database. Allow users to use a login universally throughout your website. Simply add users to the appropriate board usergroup, and their password will work both on your forums, and on your protected area. Tested with IB 1.3 +. 1 Line of code on any page that requires protection is all you need to add! Now has support for passwords in all cases.


Autentificator is a script for authenticating registered users against your password-protected pages. It features different levels of access and login error management. It includes user administration tools, and installer. The documentation is currently written in Spanish. Now it work on configurations whith registre_globals= OFF for major security. Upgrade 2.01: Small bug fix.

Membership Subscription Scripts (PHP/MySQL)

This PHP/MySQL script automates site subscriptions through Internet Billing Company (Ibill) and Tracks and deletes expired accounts. Allows webmasters to add, remove and display usernames/passwords in their .htpasswd files. Included is a registration script allowing users automated access to protected areas. Lost Password Retireval System is also included.

md5 Creator

Quite simple, just creats a md5 hash for what is passed to it. Very helpful for securing passwords.

Basic IP Ban

This script allows you to include a file on any pages that you would like to be protected and block out IPs to the page. This script now allows you to block out a range of IP addresses using a * or a .

us_Authenticate - Authentication Wrapper

The initial build was created for people that would like to incorporate an authentication scheme into their sites with minimal up keep, or for those of you that are looking for a simple authentication scheme to build off of or modify without having to do alot of work to suit your needs. Auto page creation is included but can be turned off.

Dacio's Login 1.2

This script is a simple login form for multiple users. Tested on Windows, Apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.2.1.

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