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Title Add2it ReferThem Pro
Platform Unix & Windows server
Price 34.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Add2it ReferThem Pro
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Site Recommendation
Hits 628
Description Want your visitors to refer your site to others Add2it ReferThem Pro allows you to place simple cut-and-paste HTML on your website that allows your visitors to e-mail and notify associates or friends about your website. You can place the code in multiple places on any pages you like. Download this script for free and start promoting your web site today. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes and little or no scripting knowledge to set up, and get your cut-and-paste code. Unlike most scripts, you don't have to dig into the code to make changes. Everything is encapsulated in an easy to use Admin control panel. BTW: This version is free of advertisements and it has additional features.


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Scripts Related to - Add2it ReferThem Pro

Script Name's PageMailer

PageMailer is a simple script that allow your visitors to email the contents of your web page (or the portions you specify) to their friends or as a reminder to themselve, giving you free advertising.


Recommend is a site recommendation script that simply emails up to three people (which can easily be modified for more), telling them about your site, along with the user's comments. Please feel free to download this script and use it for ideas on expanding the functionality of your own site.'s ezTell-a-Friend

ezTell-A-Friend is a powerful, customizable, and professional recommendation (tell-a-friend) script that allows visitors to suggest your webpages to their friends, family, and even themselves, giving you free advertising.

Easy Tell A Friend

Easy Tell A Friend lets you put a "Tell A Friend" box on your web site, which is a great viral marketing tool. This script allows for users to specify a quick note to their friend, a super easy installation, an easily customizable message to be sent, and shows a link back to the exact page the visitor was at when they submitted the tell a friend form.

MHF Media: Tell A Friend

This script will add the ability to let your visitors send an email to someone they know, telling them about your site! It uses Java to insert the form into your existing pages and not SSI. You can customize your message, keep track of stats on messages sent, keep a database of email addresses that have been used to create you own mailing list and you can customize the look of the form that is inserted onto your pages!

Ascad Notify Friends

Allows users to notify one or multiple friends about your web site. Features include, click-through rate tracking, the ability to call the script from anywhere on your site, no forms needed as the script makes them for you, unlimited fields, required fields, an administratorĘs page, and the option to send HTML format e-mails.


Alert-A-Friend from Bandley3 allows visitors to send any of your URLs in e-mail with the click of a button. Great for building traffic. Takes design into account by allowing color/font changes, images, customized return messages. Use with SSI or without. Can log how many times each page was sent. Over 30 variables in all.

Send This Site

This is a simple program that allows your visitors to recommend your website to one of their friends via email. They fill in a form with their name, email as well as their friends name and email and the program sends them an email with a link to the site.


Advocat can boost your site's popularity easily by allowing those user to very quickly send an email message to a friend that they think might enjoy your site's contents. You can choose from many options including IP banning, Host restricting, and email blacklisting. It automatically checks for unfilled required fields, swears words, and it thoroughly checks any email addressess for validity.


A free Tell A Friend script. You can customise the message sent to visitors, change how the "Thank You" Page looks, and choose whether the recommender's email is sent out or your own.

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