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  • JiRos Banner System
    Yeaa! Check this out! JBS(JiRo's Banner System) v2.0 - With Multi-Languages support, Multi-Templates support and fully support for Third Party Code as Flash, Javascript, Java Applets, Html banners and much much more is JBS probably one of the most powerful Banner Rotating System! JBS is a banner rotating system with a lot of features and functions. JBS will take care of all diplaying of banners on your site. After you have install it on your server you can easly manage all the settings online. JBS is made for small and medium web sites. All data is stored in a MS Access 2000 database.
  • Rotate Banner Ads
    This code will allow you to rotate the banner ads you display on your site. The sequence of rotation can be customized.
  • JiRos Banner System eXperience
    JiRo's Banner System eXperience (JBSX) v1.0 - With Multi-Languages support, Multi-Templates support and fully support for Third Party Code as Flash, Javascript, Java Applets, Html banners and much much more is JBSX probably one of the most powerful Banner Rotating System. JBSX support several database types whitout any recoding, such as MS SQL - server(Script to create tables included), MySQL(Script to create tables included), MS Access database (Database included). And off course JBSX has support for both Windows and Linux(running ChiliASP from ChiliSoft) platforms!!
  • Absolute Banner Manager XE - $129
    Absolute Banner Manager is a Complete ad management solution for rotating banners and providing on-line reports and stats to you and your advertisers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Supports any type of banner (HTML,JPG,Gif,Applets,Flash,3rd party ad serve, Anything!). Real Time stats are available on line and the advertisers can access them by using their assigned usernames and passwords. Automatic e-mail notifications when a banner expires,unlimited zones,banners and advertisers supported. No Dll's to install,works with Access and SQL Server (the full script is included if you want to use this database).Your banners can be displayed on any type of page just by inserting a single line of code. Plus much more.
  • Banner Ad management System - 59
    Manage both advertiser and banner exchanger form your site. Add unlimited banner, not need of any addon component for banner upload.
  • ASPBanner - 49.95
    ASPBanner can rotate Image Banners,Custom HTML,and Flash Banners. Keep detailed statistics for your advertisers. Pure ASP solution, no Dll's need to be installed on the server. 6 methods of calling banners makes this very compatible with existing code.
  • FunkyASP AD System - $18
    This set of scripts allows you to insert a banner rotating system into your existing ASP web site. Easy to use admin area allowing full control over banners displayed within your site, each click is tracked allowing you to see which banner campaigns have better click thru's. Updates planned for future releases.
  • Ikon Banner Manager - Freeware
    Ikon Banner Manager is a powerful script to run an advertising banner system in your website. Script displays banners using a custom JavaScript script. So you may put your banner ads in all typed pages eg. (JSP, CFML, HTML .. etc.). All impressions stores in a log. You may run custom reports for each banner and for date.
  • SMS Web Ad - Freeware
    SMS Web Ad is both an SMS Gateway (by which you can create your own script using ASP, PHP and PERL) and an ASP based SMS advertising system which allows you to administrate unlimited advertisers that support the costs of SMS. Some features: CREATE YOUR OWN ASP, PHP AND PERL SCRIPT FOR SMS SENDING; sending up to 160 characters per SMS; Sending over 200 countries; Deferred sending; Editable SMS cost for each advertiser; Customizable advertising text, both on sending form and SMS text; Customizable sender name; Editable max number of SMS/day for each advertiser; Control panel for each advertiser; Control panel for web administrator; Reports for each advertiser; control panel for each end user. NEW: Now you can use your customized form to send SMS, using our server as a gateway. A phonebook has been added, in order to send several SMS simultaneously. End user can now sign up for advertisers sending list!
  • 1-2-3 Jump Tracker - 19.95
    1-2-3 Jump Tracker Can Save You Thousands of Dollars On Your Advertising Campaigns Track, manage and analyze all your ads and web links. Tracks IPs, date, time, and referral url. Unlimited number of links allowed. No more second guessing whether or not your advertising dollars are being well spent. Easy as 1-2-3 to setup and use 1-2-3 Jump Tracker will allow you to track links on your website and/or your email campaigns so you know exactly when and where your visitors are coming from.
  • Ikon Ad Manager - Freeware
    Ikon Ad Manager is simple banner rotator. You may add, edit or delete banners anytime. Script counts clicks and shows of each banner. Script supports MS Access database but easily can modify to use with SQL server.
  • Ad management system - $99
    Advertisement management system allow customers submit by themselves, easy to management the ad list, and clear to know how many visitor that have clicked and viewed.
  • Free Simple Ad Rotator - Free
    This is a set of ASP scripts that allows you to show to your visitors different ads each time they access a page from your server. The system is based in three different pages: global.asa that will be assigned a variable name session("ad") with a given value (0) each time a new visitor requests a page, adrotator.asp which will contain the information necessary to add different add to pages visited by clients, and A simple SSI code to be included in your ASP pages.
  • My ASP Text Ads - $34.99
    Supports unlimited text ads, both CPM and CPC. Uses PayPal IPN to track payments. Easy to install and use. Nice resulting ads can be formatted as you wish. All written in ASP and uses MSaccess. Demo available.
  • 1 Free Hidden Traffic Booster - Freeware
    The 1 Free Internet Marketing Hidden Traffic Booster is a free tools that help you to generate more instant hits to your sites, unlike other traffic exchange program, no recruiting or sales is needed, instant traffic is almost guaranteed, most of our members get 2,000 to 5,000 more instant traffic daily. Completely FREE !
  • AD Rotator Mega B - Sharewareá-á25$
    Unlimited banners, zones and advertisers : There are no limitations built into the application. Register as many advertisers, banners and zones as your database can handle.Rich Media Support : Multiple types of ads supported : Use GIFs, JPEGs, Animated GIFs, Text ads, HTML banners, Flash banners, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and 3rd party ad serve.Independent Client Stats : Individual passwords allow each of your advertisers to log into the application to view their own advert stats by with bar charts and reports in HTML and MS Excel Format.Powerful ad tracking engine : Multiple zones can be established, allowing certain banners to appear only on certain parts of your pages. Absolute Banner Manager keeps track of exposures and click-thrus for each banner, as well as of the average total number of exposures per day.
  • Toxiclab banner manager - Freeware
    Toxiclab banner manager have statistics and full administration.
  • mz-banner - Freeware
    An easy to use banner rotator. Add, edit and delete banners with the online administration and also set the refresh rate of the banner rotation page. Counts clicks and impressions of each banner.
  • DB Banner Rotator - $35
    DB Banner Rotator is a random banner rotation tool with a stats page. The stats include number of views and last viewed time, number of clicks and last clicked time, and a reset button to reset the stats. Includes client and admin tools to add, edit, delete users and banners. Supports multiple admins. Clients can have unlimited banners under one account. Made with MSAcess and no need to use ODBC, uses a dsn-less connection.
  • DUbanner - Free
    Dreamweaver friendly Banner Ad Management.

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