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Title AbriaSoft Merlin Server
Platform Windows, RedHat Linux 6.x, 7.0
Price $169/$179
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Website Visit Website of - AbriaSoft Merlin Server
Category Tools & Utilities » Web Servers
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Description Merlin server is a complete web development and production server that provides a robust deployment environment for interactive, database driven websites. Merlin Server includes Abriasoft's secure, SSL-supported release of the Apache server, and includes (and supports) both the latest MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers. Besides support for core development languages such as PHP and PERL, Merlin server also provides graphical development tools (IDEs) to accelerate development, and includes a complete open source e-commerce software platform. Merlin server also comes with a template-based web portal and news system. All the core elements are tightly integrated to provide a seamless development environment. Merlin server runs on the Microsoft Windows and Redhat Linux platforms.


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Savant is a full-featured freeware web server for computers running any version of Windows 95 or greater. It's fast, secure, and easy-to-use. Supports CGI (comes with Perl5), HTTP/1.1, WinCGI, ISAPI applications, password protection, access restriction, hundreds of simultaneous users, over 40 file types including MP3, RealVideo, and Microsoft Office, and much more! Savant is open source software.


BadBlue is a small footprint web server that supports PHP, CGI and ISAPI application serving. It is perfect for learning, developing and deploying web apps when ease of use, fast performance and small size is a must. BadBlue also supports easy file-sharing with a complete, peer-to-peer user interface written in HTML. With support for system tray operation, Win9X and WinNT service support, it's just about the easiest way to get going with PHP.

ChronoFish FishBowl Browser

An HTML 4.0 Compliant Internet Browser with a multiple document interface that simulates a web server for local CGI programs. It will execute EXE and scripts (such as Perl) and pass environment variables to them like a Web Server would.

MicroWeb++: The Personal Web Server For Developers & Distributers

With a single click you have a personal web server configured they way you like it, running the support programs your content needs and a browser pointed at your web server's root. Neither MicroWeb nor MicroWeb++ require any type of installation or additional configuration, making your personally configured web server 100% portable to any Win32 based system. The MicroWeb / MicroWeb++ combination is designed for developers who wish to be able to develop anywhere. MicroWeb / MicroWeb++ have many key development features. You have the ability to set ANY domain name as your web server hostname. If you were developing a site for Yahoo!, you could set the domain as "" and be able to use the exact same directory structure (and absolute URLs) that the destination web server uses. Another useful feature for developers is the ability to set additional MIME types for the server. This feature allows you to configure MicroWeb / MicroWeb++ to act exactly like the destination web server.


AOLserver is a multithreaded, Tcl-enabled dynamic Web server useful for large scale, dynamic Web sites. AOLserver supports a long list of features and is used for many large scale, dynamic Web sites at AOL such as Digital City and AOL.COM. Some of its key features include: High Performance, Tcl Scripting, Complete C API, SQL Database Services, Secure Sockets Layer, and Hierarchical Access Control.

Internet Information Server 4.0

Microsoft? Windows NT? Server 4.0, with its built-in Web server Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0, provides an easy way to publish information and bring business applications to the Web. IIS features: Crash protection, Transactional Active Server Pages (ASP), Script debugging, Integrated message queuing, Support for Java, Total content control, Content management and site analysis, Automated management support, Strong (128-bit) encryption security, Integrated searching capabilities, and more. IIS 4.0 is available in the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack.

iPlanet Web Server, Enterprise Edition

iPlanet Web Server software allows an enterprise to build high-performance websites that deliver the interactivity and manageability that customers, partners, suppliers, and employees require. They enable enterprises to rapidly develop dynamic multi-platform sites to support evolving business processes, content, and delivery. It features: Servlet 2.2 & JavaServer Pages 1.1 with Dynamic Content, Streaming and pluggable session management; Intelligent Load Balancing; Fortezza support, Cross Platform, Improved performance of SSL vs. iWS 4.0


TinyWeb is intended to be a simple Win32 daemon for regular (TCP/http) and secure (SSL/TLS/https) web servers. TinyWeb can: Handle http-requests, Execute CGI applicaions, Keep logs, and Allow using CGI instead of index.html.

AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW

This is an easy to use Web server. The only thing you need to do is drag and drop files; then just click on the 'Start' button, and you're webserver is up and running, serving your pages to the world. SimpleServer minimizes to the system tray, so it doesn't take up valuable screen space when you're not working with it. SimpleServer:WWW supports MIME file typing, CGI, common log format, and multi-hosting, and more. If you've always wanted a compact, easy to use, versatile webserver, then SimpleServer may be your answer.


vqServer is a personal web server with support for password protection, file uploading, Java servlets and CGI scripts. Main features include: Enables hosting of web sites on any personal computer which supports Java, Comes with step-by-step instructions and a sample web site to get you started, Password protection of files and directories, Custom registration forms can be used to require visitors to your web site to register for access to files and services, Update your web site directly from web page editors, Remote server and web site administration using the web-based, easy-to-use control centre, and more.

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