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Title Aborior's Random Content Manager
Platform Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Aborior's Random Content Manager
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Quote Display
Hits 599
Description Add some spice to your site with pithy quotes, funny jokes, useful links or friendly greetings. Rotate simple banner exchange or affiliate code. Painlessly manage multiple lists of content via an online administration system.


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Scripts Related to - Aborior's Random Content Manager

Script Name

Random Quote

Setup your very own random quote/saying/insult/whatever with this simple but powerful script. This makes an awesome learning tool for those who wish to learn how to create random displays.


Quotesie lets you set up a list of random quotes or sayings to be displayed on your site. If you can use SSI (server-side includes) on your site, then Quotesie will work with them. If you can't, Quotsie also supports using Javascript to display the random quotes. The admin interface will let you add, edit, or delete any of the quotes in your quotes file. This is mainly just a fun thing to add to your website to give it some "personality." You can add quotes from famous people, Bible or other scriptural verses, random jokes, "lucky numbers," "fortunes" -- let your imagination run wild. You can even use HTML in your quotes.


Displays a "quotation of the day" at your homepage. Requires a MySql data base. Can be used with and without SSI. Comes with an extensive quotation collection. Own quotations can be added easily by using your data base administration program (e.g. phpMyAdmin). Installation script. Update script that is able to update your quotation collection online. Module can easily be used with own or other scripts. German / English

Scripture/Quote Moment

Allows your visitors to add a random quote to their site, creating a link to your site at the same time. Great for building traffic. Browser driven with a simple to use visitor interface. Maintain multiple quotation databases and allow your visitors to generate the required HTML for their sites through an intuitive web interface. No SSI required. Fully customizable HTML Templates, Visitor and Admin interface driven from your Web Browser.

Creativyst Quote Catcher

QuoteCatcher allows you to maintain a database of quotes via a simple browser based interface. The scalable text-based database can maintain just a few, or over nine million quotes (if your server is up to it). It keeps the content fresh for your guests by using JavaScript to randomly select a quote from a "short-list" each time a visitor loads (or reloads) the page. This works as well on pages composed of static HTML as it does on dynamic pages.


This script will manage and display categorized quotes on your website. Posting positive customer feedback on your site is proven to encourage new purchases, eQuotes will make it easy for your customers to submit comments and even easier for you to manage and display these comments. You could also use this script to display quotes by famous people on your site. We use eQuotes on our own sites to display quotes by satisfied customers.

Quote of the Day

A clean simple perl script that uses SSI to place an automatic daily rotation of quotes or lines of any text or html within a web page. Uses a seperate plain text file to store the quotes which can be set to change on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly rotation if so required. Very easy to set up, use, configure and add your own quotes to. Comes with 102 ready to use quotes.

Travel Tip of the Day

This script was originally conceived for a group of travel zines from the same publishing company to create interesting links to the sister publications. Basically it outputs a text in a frame or table (depending on the page setting) that rotates daily using the content of a data file that can be expanded by the participating sites with new tips. It could easily be adapted to other themes such as Tech Tip of the Day or Money Tip of the Day, etc.

Message Of The Day

This is a simple Perl script that allows you to display a message of the day, which changes at the start of each new day.

Advanced Greeter

Gives an appropriate greeting for time of day, along with a picture. You can set the Time & Date to your own time, with the use of the Time Zone option, No need to put up with the servers Date/Time anymore. Also can display the weekday, i.e. Monday, 7 different date displays, and 4 different time displays. Easy to use thru a simple SSI command.

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