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Platform Win NT/2000
Price Euro 499
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Database Tools
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Description ASP XP is a rich server side HTML control that allows ASP developers to easily create web based database applications. With just a few lines of code, you can create sophisticated highly customisable webforms and webtables in your web application. ASP XP works for web based applications much similar to how Visual Basic 'Forms' work for desktop applications. It's declarative and event-driven. The result is that you can build browser independent web pages with a lot of functionality in just a few lines of code. ASP XP fully supports ActiveX Data Objects (ADO v2.x), the XHTML 1.0 specification and makes use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to allow easy customisation of your application's look & feel across an entire website.


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Scripts Related to - ASPXP

Script Name

VisualSoft DataManager

VisualSoft DataManager lets you cut through the complexity of large corporate database applications with fast and flexible drill-down capabilities and rich report feature, which facilitates easy storage and retrieval of data. DataManager makes it easier than ever for you to build data-intensive applications. Using DataManager one can build scalable data application which can be developed using flexible interfaces for accessing them.

A Generic Database Web Editor

The author notes "Have you ever needed to administrate a Database and only had a connection string to access it? Well you could implement this script to allow simple database maintainence via the web." The security model of this script is very weak, and you should consider implementing a more secure method.


The Compsys IntrSQL product is a component that allows SQL Statements to be run against almost any database over the Internet. The SQL Statement (along with DSN, Username and Password) are entered via any standard HTML (or ASP) page and the results are returned as standard HTML. The look and feel of the resulting HTML can be formatted by the user (via IntrSQL parameters) to suit most web styles and layouts. Most SQL statements are supported including Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create, Drop etc. In addition IntrSQL also supports Describe (to detail the Table Attributes) for SQL Server, Access and Oracle databases. To run IntrSQL you require the database to have a valid Data Source Name (DSN) or connection string and the appropriate User permissions.'s ASP DBA enables you to browse, search and edit any MS Access or MS SQL Server database on the web. The same modular code libraries are used to produce full featured and fully customizable Active Server Pages with the online Code Wizard. Free demo of the ASP DBA is available for download from its homepage.


PageMaster is an integrated component that gives the developer full control over database queries, connections and output styles but makes cumbersome tasks like page linking and bookmarking a breeze. Allows users to easily page through database records.


SQLmap is a small application valuable for those who is responsible for building or maintaining a web site and SQL Server database. This application helps to access all servers and then access all databases stored in each server. Then with the interface provided you can view tables, records in each table through browser from any computer, You can even write SQL query to retrieve data from table that meet the criteria specified.

Simple Database Input and Display

Inputting data into an Access or SQL server database is very easy in .asp. This script will take input for two text fields (First and Last name) and write them to an Access db. A second script will allow you to view all of the inputs into the Access to date.

Database administration

This is a simple, and generic ASP code written in JavaScript for allowing you to administrate any tables in your database.

Connect to Access database with MapPath Function

Here is a sample code that allows you to connect to an Access database without DSN Connection, Using MapPath Function of Server Variables.


SQL2Table is a freeware C++ database COM server dll that takes a connection string and a SQL statement, generating a custom table in HTML format. The target audience is an Active Server Page scripter who wants to automate data retrieval from a relational database over a small corporate intranet. All of the magic is performed on the server, allowing any user with a standard browser to view the data. A complex HTML table can be generated with a few lines of VBScript or JScript code. The dll can automatically generate a navigation bar and detail links for each row. This version includes an ASP script that can be used to test the dll properties.

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