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Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
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Description ASPSMS is an ActiveX-Component for mobile phone messaging applications. It's free software, there are no setup costs and there is no monthly fee. You pay per each SMS that you send. Send SMS to more than 100 countries and 250 mobile networks. Features include: Simple Text SMS, Multiple SMS. Delivery notification, Operator logos, Group Logos, Ringtones. Binary SMS, Alphanummeric Originator, WAP-Push. Integrate ASPSMS to all platforms through XML interface. ASPSMS brings intelligence to your SMS services. People who receive an SMS from you are now able to reply directly via SMS. The reply is received by our servers and forwarded by e-mail or HTTP-Post directly to your applications. Our two-way SMS enables cross-country, cross-operator SMS services, using a single mobile number. No more keyword hassles. Get your own personal global number for a convenient price.


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Scripts Related to - ASPSMS

Script Name

StrongCube SMS Component

Component to send you short message service (SMS) up to 160 characters using your own cell phone connected to serial port or infrared (COM1 ... COM#). Retrieves cellphone's manufacturer and model. Working on Nokia and Siemens cellphone. Can also be used on other brands of cellphone.

SMS22 ActiveX

SMS22 ActiveX/COM enables your application to send SMS messages from any Internet-connected PC to any cellular phone on more than 300 cellular networks worldwide using public free reliable Internet-to-Cellular SMS gateways. SMS22 ActiveX/COM works with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other (D)COM/ActiveX/Win 32 compatible development environments. SMS22 ActiveX is ideal for any application that requires alerts. SMS is the best alert to notify system managers about a problem that requires manual interference. SMS also is the best way to notify you about arriving emails.

EZ Text Messenger

Robust Flash/ASP instant messenger for more professional instant messaging needs. From the same people who brought you the the Free Flash/ASP Instant Messenger. 100% Flash/ASP/Javascript. Features include: unlimited users, runs on your server, no database, very easy installation - just copy the files and go, no server components needed, no flickering page refreshes thanks to the almost entirely-flash interface, invite multiple users into a conversation, more like a real instant messenger, .fla and all .asp files included, add your company logo, perfect for live support and other CRM communictions, easy integration into existing sites, 30 days free support with purchase. Users must have Flash installed and have javascript enabled.

Flash/ASP Instant Messenger

This is a very basic but efficient Instant Messenger developed using ASP and Flash. Users must have Flash installed and have javascript and cookies enabled. Very easy installation, just copy the files into a directory on your web server and start using! (updated version, 1.1!)

LiveSession v2.0 - Intrafinity Inc.

The LiveSession real-time collaboration server enables organizations to collaborate. It empowers organizations by bringing employees, customers, suppliers, and partners together in a collaborative real-time environment. Features include: Digital Meeting Rooms, Audio and Video Conferencing, PowerPoint Presentation Support, Integrated Whiteboard, Instant Messaging, Threaded Discussion Support. The LiveSession real-time collaboration server enables organizations to collaborate internally and with clients with an unprecedented level of effectivenes.

ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit

Serial port toolkit to enable applications or scripts to communicate with a modem or other serial port device. This ActiveX control features full com port control, binary and ASCII data transfer, support for RS 232 and RS 485 standards and ISDN modem support. Can be used by ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++, Visual C# .NET or VBScript. Samples for all platforms and development tools are provided. ActiveComport can control any device that has a serial interface.

Simplewire ActiveX SMS Software Development Kit

The ActiveX SMS SDK provides easy, high-level control of the Simplewire wireless text-messaging platform. Designed be to be as developer-friendly as possible by hiding the intricacies of the XML format required to communicate with the Simplewire WMP (Wireless Message Protocol) servers, The ActiveX SMS SDK makes it possible to send an SMS message off with as little as two lines of code. The 32-bit ActiveX SMS SDK is implemented as a COM object (DLL). As an ATL object, the ActiveX SMS SDK does not require the Microsoft Foundation Class DLLs to run. This allows your projects to require less memory, to run faster, and to have a reduced footprint. ASP applications will execute quickly, installation packages will be smaller, and less dependency issues will arise for your end-users.


ASP2SMS is a Web server ASP component/service for sending and receiving SMS messages from mobile phones. Running as a service on the NT server, ASP2SMS will collect the short messages from a queue and dispatch them quickly to the designated mobile phone. An ActiveX DLL is provided for the ASP programmer so that he/she can place messages on the queue. The ASP2SMS software is primarily developed for ASP, VB or C++ programmers.


AspPager uses the industry standard TAP protocol to send pages to any paging service that uses TAP (most). It features: Send AlphaNumeric pages, Send numeric pages, and Works with Sprint, SkyTel and others.


ASP_FAX is an Active Server Page (ASP) Custom Script that allows ASP developers to easily send faxes and alphanumeric pages from their ASP powered Web pages. The ASP_FAX Custom Script accomplishes this by taking data from ASP and passing it to a ProtoFax« Server. ProtoFax server is a separate server application that sends faxes and alphanumeric pages. ProtoFax must be installed on your network.

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