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Title ASP-Database Transactions
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Category ASP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-related
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Description This is an article on executing all or none database queries using ASP-Database transactions. Must read for ASP-Database developers. Sample Database and Code available for download.


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Scripts Related to - ASP-Database Transactions

Script Name

Speed up Database Access using GetRows

This is an article on using Recordset. It uses GetRows method to speedup database access. One of the fastest ways of displaying database records with ASP. Sample Database and Code available for download.

Fun With Stored Procedures...

This is a brief and very useful tutorial on creating and using stored procedures with your asp applications. A stored procedure is nothing more than an sql statement stored inside a database. The database can be SQL Server or MS Access as well as others. A stored procedure is compiled by your database (for the most part) one time, when it is entered. This results in faster database executions and overall performance updates, and it further separates the sql statement from your asp leaving you with more readable code. This tutorial describes: What is a stored procedure?, Writing stored procedures, Getting the stored procedure into the database, Calling stored procedures in ASP pages, and Modifying and removing stored procedures.

Search Within Search Results

Want to add value to your current search? Allow your users to search from within search results. As databases grow the necessity for the user to continually narrow a search to the item that they truly want will grow also. The following example utilizes a db on U.S. State capitals. Upon the first search two radio buttons will appear indicating a search (default) or a search within the current results. Searching within the current results will take the first search and add it to the new search and so on.

Multiple Form Selection

Allowing multiple choices of data elements enables people to customize views of your data and adds value to your applications. In this sample code, user inputted choice(s) are added to the basic sql statement to draw them from the db. Since the input from the dropdown menu comes through comma delimited it is simply written into the statement without modification. Two simple for next loops determine which elements are part of the record set and displays them accordingly.

Loading Text Files Into A Database

This short tutorial explains how to to upload a text file and load it into your database using ASP. It uses a sample of the space-delimited file for an example.

Filtering and Sorting of Records in a Database

Learn how to search and sort the records through the database. Step by step tutorial with Sample code and database available for download. Online demo also available.

Using ASP pages to page through Recordset

In depth article on showing records in a page by page fashion with 'first page','next','back' and 'last page' links at the bottom to navigate through the records. Sample code and database available for download. Online demo also available.

Get Your Data Faster with a Data Cache

Storing frequently used lookup data in a database is a great idea (e.g. order status codes, state names, etc.) that saves tremendous amounts of time in design and maintenance. However, retrieving that data from the database every time it is needed is very inefficient. This article describes how to use Application variables to cache frequently used lookup data in memory to achieve lightning fast access times.

Search db by Field

Providing search capabilities to a db enables users to query on whichever element you target them to. However allowing users to target which portion of the db they would like to query gives extra value. In this example, utilizing our db of US States (state, statename, and capital) the user can search in any of three fields (by dropdown menu input) rather than the application targeting one specific table element. Note: The db only has 50 observations in it, so it is better to search on single or double letter combinations.

Two Table Join

Outputting data from two tables is almost as easy as displaying from one. This example utilizes two tables with state information on them. The first table (state_order) contains state abbreviations (state), state names (statename) the year each state was admitted into the union (year) and the numeric order they entered in (entered). The second table (state_capitals) contains state abbreviations (state), state names (state) and state capitals (capital). The where statement looks to make a match on the field that each table has in common to ouput the correct capital with all the info from the state_order table.

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