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Title ADP Simple Guestbook
Platform Windows, Linux, Unix
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - ADP Simple Guestbook
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Guestbooks
Hits 776
Description A simple guestbook that doesn't require a database, but instead uses text files to record data. Features customizable colours, html enabled or disabled and a smiley option. The script doesn't allow the visitor to sign for more than one time in the same session.


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Scripts Related to - ADP Simple Guestbook

Script Name

Dasc's Guestbook

A guestbook script written in PHP 4.0.6. Features: XHTML 1.1 compliant, uses plain textfile for storage (ie. server doesn't need database support), removes HTML tags from messages (you can specify allowable tags), checks if homepage and e-mail addresses are valid, multi-page listing, set number of entries per page, receive new entries by e-mail, set order in which to display entries, can ignore enter key, can display entry number, set image to be displayed between entries (or use HR tag), and set maximum length of message.

Electron's Guestbook

Electron's Guestbook is a very simple guestbook script with nice interface. It works without any SQL database.


uBook is a PHP/USP based guestbook script utilizing JSProduction's IFZIPEngine and UniversalExpansions USPEngine accelerators. uBook has been entirely redone and all the glitches have been fixed.


mod.guests is a lan party guest management system featuring a form for your participants to join, a list (also to be served on intranet), administration and entrance script.


GuestsHere is a dynamic guestbook script written in PHP that does not use any database. It features easy to install, and a nice interface. This is a new version, it now has AutoLink to automatically link to thier website and their email address. It also includes picture support, for a more attractive interface. The guestbook puts the date and time on each signing, and writes to a log, with the signer's IP and browser type. 1.7.1 update: bug fixes including bugs on Windows machines dealing with "repetition-operator operand invalid." The guestlist.php engine available for download seperate, just replace guestlist.php with the fixed version if you are already using the guestbook system.

1st Guest Book

A PHP guestbook script featuring: email notification to the admin for each new message, extensive functionalities for moderating records, ability to reply to any entries, flexible adjustment through web-interface, filter for bad words and tags, uses QIM (Quick ICQ Message). No SQL database required. guestbook

A simple flat file guestbook script with required field checking and IP logging feature.


This guestbook script is designed object oriented. The features of the guestbook are specified in class_guestbook.php. On demo.php a new guestbook object is created and different operations are processed via this object (displaying the entries, adding a new entry, etc.). Some basic functionality is given through class_support.php. Code and layout are separated through templates. The data is stored in a text file, there is no need for a database.

HW Pinn Board

With this script you can allow your visitors to pin (leave) a little message on your board. Users can directly answer any message via email, or browse the archive. It sends an email notification to the admin for each note, and includes the admin interface to fully manage your board. Writen in German.

My Book

My Book is a powerful guestbook script written with PHP using MySQL database to hold the data. Features: Easy setup, Full compatibility to your website with the header and footer files, Password protected admin area to delete, edit multiple messages at once, edit the messages and delete all the messages just one click, Supports multi-languages, Adjust the number of the messages to be displayed at one page, Last added message appears on the top, Option to send an automatic "thank-you message" to the guest, Option to receive an email (for admin) when someone writes to guestbook, Option to show / hide IP number of the guest, Dynamic Next page and Previous pages links and shows the page numbers with links to these pages, Checks the required fields; Checks the validity of the email address, Supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and more.

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