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Title A 1 line metasearch formatted form for your website
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Website Visit Website of - A 1 line metasearch formatted form for your website
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Forms
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Description Add a 1 line formatted form for Meta Search to your website to set your visitors at easy With a simple copy & paste you add to your site a tiny meta search form (1 line only) to your site , that will start a similtaneous search on 12 major search engines in a new window , so your visitor won't quit your site ! We also provide our analysis on submitting and a listing of tips & tricks for website submitting.


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Script Name


The Checklist form control is the ideal solution to rescuing your screen real-estate from situations where an abundance of checkboxes are required. The Checklist form control: A bounded, scrollable interface that contains all the checkbox items you can devise.

Auto Month

This pulldown menu will automatically adjust the range of months so that the current month is at the top. The remaining months are placed in order after the current month.

Tigra Form Validator PRO

Tigra Form Validator is professionally designed JavaScript component performing client-side form validation of any complexity. The script supports most of the data types used in online forms and it can be easily extended with any custom types. Offering reach feature set, and great browser compatibility Tigra Form Validator PRO is suitable for any HTML form imaginable so visitors benefit from uniform, intuitive and friendly client side validation.

CSS Font Picker

The Font Picker form control provides your users with the capability to select CSS font settings with ease and confidence, using an interface everybody is familiar with - if you have used a word processor before, you will be able to use the Font Picker control. The Font Picker control turns your browser into a tool for setting font parameters with ease.

Number Scroller

The Number Scroller form control provides you with the ability to implement a control that performs all required number verification and validation at the browser, prior submitting results to your server. The control allows you to verify and validate both integer or float (decimal) number formats. The control contains the necessary error check algorithms to ensure that your users does not enter invalid characters (i.e. alphabetical characters). The GUI of the number scroller is reminiscant of the old-style electricity meters found in old buildings:A indicator is suspended above a scrolling display of the current number value. Furthermore, the exact value is displayed in a adjacent box, allowing users to enter numbers manually.

Javascript 50-States Select Box

include this javascript in your html forms to produce a quick hash of the states - the function dropBox(); will draw a select box with the state abbreviation as the option value, state is the variable name. Simple, but at least it saves YOU from having to type it all in :-)

Form Validation

This is a simple form validation script that checks for empty fields. Dreamweaver offers very little in JavaScript form validation unless you're using Cold Fusion. In my opinion the built-in form validation behavior in Dreamweaver is sloppy and not user friendly. This script creates required fields and makes sure that the fields are not empty when the user submits the form. If the required fields are empty, the form does not submit and the focus is set to that text field. Setting the focus is a nice feature because the user is directed to the exact field that produced the error. You can do more with this script by making sure the form does not contain certain words, email address validation, and so on. For this demonstration I am only showing the basic script. Feel free to modify and utilize this script in any way you see fit. If you have any questions, contact me.

Dynamic Forms

The Dynamic Form script illustrates how you can create forms that can be expanded as users add items. DHTML is used to dynamically generate content and update the page.

Verify/notify For Duplicate Fields

Many forms will require the user to enter an email address twice (to check for typographical errors). This script immediately notifies the user when the two fields match - it's a nice, user-friendly touch, and safe for all browsers.


DynaTable is an API that enables the dynamic entry of repeating datasets in modern browsers. The API consists of a number of classes that enable the implementation of functionally rich client-based data entry forms, without requiring any special plugins or additional authoring software.

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