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PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-Related » 121 Access to MySQL Tutorial


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Title 121 Access to MySQL Tutorial
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Category PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-Related
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Description Not sure how to make use of the free MySQL database space included with your web-hosting plan This step-by-step tutorial explains a simple way to upload data from a Microsoft Access database to the MySQL database at your ISP. The tutorial also contains a free sample application that is available in ASP and PHP versions.


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Scripts Related to - 121 Access to MySQL Tutorial

Script Name

PHP/MySQL database search

Got a MySQL database with content within it Want to be able to search it and display paged search results on screen This tutorial and script will do just that. (Apache, PHP, MySQL database required)

Formatting Date/Time value in SQL query

Learn how to use MySQL embedded function to format Date/Time field value just right in the SQL query string. For example another way is to use PHP, but it is slower and inconvenient. This tutorial will show you both examples for the same goal.

Web Database Tutorial (PHP & MySQL)

This is a tutorial on how to create a web database application using PHP and MySQL on Mac OS X or Linux platforms. The example used is a database to manage web site links. The same ideas used in this tutorial can be expanded to most web applications like phone directories, personalization, survey polls, etc... All are based on inserting, displaying and managing data in a database.


The author writes: Whilst working on the automatic production of web statistics - came across the following problem: "How do I get relational data from an Hierarchical structure " It didn't take long to realize - I'd have to use PHP to talk to LDAP, pull off records & upload into a series of tables, using the cn as primary key. Which then could be queried relationally. Pulling off large, queries and repeatedly transcending LDAP trees is pretty slow - so I built my LDAP to SQL engine, by flattening dns into table names. Then used PHP scripts to query & produce daily snap shots.

MySQL query execution time

This interemediate tutorial shows you a way to capture time spent for MySQL tasks. Find out how to output page generation time and percent when MySQL was running.

Outputting any MySQL table in HTML format

Find out and learn this beautiful technique how to output any MySQL table to the HTML page. The source code shown here will teach you how to create a function that is useful on any web site having MySQL backend database.

Sorting Database Results with PHP

This tutorial will show you how to display data from a database and allow the user to sort it.

Static HTML Generation With PHP and MySQL

Want to reduce the load that MySQL has on your web server Generating Static HTML pages to replace queries is the solution. Read this tutorial to learn how.

Database Abstraction with PEAR

So you've written a great application with PHP and it is up and running smooth. Then, your boss calls and tells you that your company won't be using MySQL anymore. You're moving to Oracle. Your application is dead in the water. You should have used database abstraction.

Multicolumn Output from a Database with PHP

Putting your data into multiple columns with PHP is a snap. This tutorial will show you how it is done.

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