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Title 100% Free Java Tree Applet
Platform Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - 100% Free Java Tree Applet
Category Java » Applets » Navigation » Trees
Hits 758
Description Feature packed and highly customizable Tree Menu. Quickly add great menu navigation aids to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and more. Main Features: Unlimited tree depth; Configurable icons; MouseOver effects; URL Linking; Variable Node Text Color. This product is NOT Trialware or Evalware - but a fully functioning version which is Free for you to use however you wish, making it a truly Freeware product.


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Scripts Related to - 100% Free Java Tree Applet

Script Name


SlickTree is an expanding menu for site navigation which supports cool and variable mouse over and fade in effects. Written in Java 1.0 for maximum compatibility, this applet has a wide range of options and has an easy configuration for writing your menu.

Advanced Treeview Explorer

This is a feature packed and highly customisable Treeview Explorer that allows you to quickly add a great menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets, etc. No knowledge of java is required everything is easily adjusted with simple html parameters. Extensive Documentation giving both a Quick Start section and an in depth explanation of every aspect of the Treeview Explorer. Treeview Source Code also available. New: Multi-Line support for node text, Highlight Node Last Clicked, Node Clicks can now execute Javascript, Comment lines can now be added to the node data file.

1 Awesome Java Tree

A hip and highly customisable java sliding tree applet with funky animated 2D mouseovers, 3D button mouseover, 3D popup text mouseover effects, image-based scrollbars, and customisable colors, fonts, background, and icons. Different icons can be displayed for default, mouseover, and expanded states of a node. Features an unlimited level and number of nodes. The tree can show which node is selected, can turn off tree lines, change the colors of the tree lines as well as the background color of the "plus/minus" button. 2D mouseovers include rectangular and oval borders, translucent nodes, custom image-based node, underlining, and pulsing animations. 3D mouseovers include depressable 3D button and popup 3D text for nodes. Other features include expanded tree at startup and captionless nodes. Scrollbars are image-based and fully customisable. The applet comes with a Parameters Editor which runs in Windows.


JTM (Java Tree Menu) is a highly customizable and easy to implement tree based multi-level menu. It consists of many optional components like an additional applet to display an image to each topic, 3 state icons, automatic scrollbars, definition of font styles, gif animations (also as background image), progressbar while loading and much more.

ABCNavUltimate Java Menu/Java Tree

ABCNavUltimate is a Java applet that allows you to easily create fully customized menus with special effects. It supports nested menus/levels as well as frames, mouseover sound effects, and fully customizable special effects. The latest version includes new faster slicer effect.

ETree Applet

The ETree applet is an applet for displaying a Windows Explorer looking tree structure. The ETree includes many parameters to fully customize the style of the tree. Its clear and comfortable API lets you manage your data in the tree from JavaScript.

JSMenu / JSearch applets

JSMenu applet is a free treeview (treemenu) java applet, suitable to use as site navigation (site index) tool. JSMenu java applet can load its contents either from disk file or from server-side CGI. So, you can create your site contents (site index) dinamically. You can use javascript calls as URLs for JSMenu applet items. Free site search tool (JSearch Java applet) is incorporated. This site search tool allows to search through the site contents (TreeView structure) for any keywords like 'all words', 'any word' or 'phrase'.


The TreeView applet is a versatile and attractive applet which will give your site a professional look and feel. Websites with a large number of pages will appreciate this navigation applet's ability to provide an interface which users can use to quickly find the the pages they need. With the purchase of a TreeView license you will also receive the it's companion application, TreeBuilder. TreeBuilder makes the creation and modification of applet tags a simple task, it also automatically creates .jar and .cab files which dramatically decrease the download time of the applet. The applet is compiled under JDK 1.0.2 with the exception of the classes encapsulated in the dsTree.jar file which are compiled under JDK 1.1.5.


This is a tree menu navigation program where each menu item is formed by strikes of lightning. Features include: Menu items support descriptions and URLs. One target frame is supported, The menu is a tree menu and you can have an unlimited number of branches and leaves, If the menu item dimensions extends far from the applets, then scrolling functions will be enabled automatically, Supports a background image, The background image can optionally be made to scroll with the menu items, Specify font type, font size and font style, You can specify the lightning colors, text color, item selection color, background color and description color, The sound can be disabled.

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