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Title .htaccess Password Protection
Platform Unix, Win NT
Price Freeware
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Website Visit Website of - .htaccess Password Protection
Category PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Security
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Description Learn how to super protect your files without the use of mySQL. This tutorial will help you learn how to password protect your file quickly and easily in a few lines of code.


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Script Name

How to detect and log malicious activity on your website

In general, there are two ways of detecting malicious activity. The first is to manually look at how your site is being used, what input is being given etc. The second is to have your program analyse user input for common types of attack, then inform you of any problems. This tutorial focuses on the second option.

Writing Secure PHP Code

This article will guide you through writing secure PHP code and covers many of the common security pitfalls one will encounter while making php applications. Covers things such as register globals, SQL injection, include files, and demonstrates how to protect against those kind of attacks. Anyone new to PHP, and even some more experianced people, should read this before deploying thier application.

Simple Security and Sessions in PHP

This article demostrates an easy way to maintain sessions and security (or authorization) in PHP. It does NOT use the PHP built in session support. The following method will allow you to easily secure any PHP page by simply including a file at the top of every page. In this tutorial you will: a) Create your database structure; b) Create a login page; c) Create your security check include file; d) Secure your site. Update: I fixed a couple of bugs in the article. Thanks for the feedback Update to the update: I have fixed the article text to include the code that was missing due to the previous update.

Create a random password

Nice little function that will generate a completely random password.

PHP Honey-Pots

The concept of a "honey pot" is a very popular and interesting topic in computer security. Gives some information on how you can use PHP to setup these hacker traps.

Crypt and User Validation

Tutorial covering the basics of encryption and how to apply it to user validation, including a sample script to try out.

Security 101 - Client Side

This tutorial will show you things to be aware of when coding PHP, so that your code is more secure, and less hackable.

Protect Your Website From Leaching Programs

This article explains how to stop those Website download leach programs from downloading your content using PHP.

Protecting PHP Scripts with HTTP Authentication

Protect your PHP Scripts using the most efficient method: HTTP Authorization, as implemented in PHP. Using this tutorial, you'll learn how easy it is.

How to protect PDF files using PHP

This tutorial explains how to safely hide away PDF files from public access using htaccess, but then having a PHP file run its own authorization to allow access to the file without the Network Password dialog box. The PDF file will be displayed in the browser (if the user has acrobat reader) or promoted to download the pdf file if the user doesn't have acrobat reader. This is perfect for when you want to restrict PDF files to authorized eyes only. This simple to use tutorial will have you up and running in a few minutes, one page of info with full source code, and working examples.

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