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Title @1 Day & Week
Platform Linux
Price $10.00
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Website Visit Website of - @1 Day & Week
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Date and Time
Hits 885
Description Display the date and the time zone by text and the day of the week by an image via SSI. You may create your own images for the seven days.


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Scripts Related to - @1 Day & Week

Script Name

Time of day Content/Greeting

Have a different greeting or HTML coding for every hour of the day. Easily fits into any webdesign. Easy to configure. Basic PHP is a Plus but not nessessary.

Simple Graphical Time Script

This graphics based clock uses simple PHP functions such as date(), and then breaks down the numbers contained in the hours, minutes, and seconds. It then calls images based on the numbers. AM & PM is also called based on the current time! This script basically refreshes the browser each second. It's more of a learning tool than an actual clock!

Chinese calendar converter

This function can return the date of Chinese lunar calendar which is corresponding to the Gregorian calendar. Range from Jan 1st,1901 to Feb 11th,2021.

Local Date Display

This is a simple PHP script that ensures you can display the local time and/or date, even when your web server is located in a different time zone to the date and/or time you want to display. Ideal in situations such as virtual web hosting. Presently limited (as a simple 4-line script) in that you need to update the script at daylight savings time (but very very easy to change).


A class to measure time intervals in microseconds. You can take times during a code run and at the end get a time table as HTML or text table. The output will contain total and as delta between each take in microseconds. For a howto go to:


This is a PHP class that shows the server time as a ticking digital text clock. New features: alarm times, date format in German, English and French, 24h / 12h time format.

ADOdb Date and Time Library

PHP native date functions use integer timestamps for computations. Because of this, dates are restricted to the years 1901-2038 on Unix and 1970-2038 on Windows due to integer overflow for dates beyond those years. This library was developed to overcome these limitation by replacing the native function's signed integers with PHP floating point numbers when necessary. This library supports dates from 100 A.D. to billions of years in the future. For high speed, this library uses the native date functions where possible, and only switches to PHP code when the dates fall outside the 32-bit signed integer range.

Time Zones

This package allows to add time zones to your site. User name and password protected admin area to add time zones, offset, display position, and date/time display. Language file in English included, easy to translate into other languages. Two different display files to include in column or on main page <a href="">Click here to check online demo</a> Required: Webserver with php4, mySQL database, server must read .htaccess


This is a simple script to calculate the difference between two dates and express it in years, months and days. Use as in: "my daughter is 4 years, 2 month and 17 days old" ... Feel free to use this script for whatever you want.

Unix date converter

Run the script and fill in the form. This great script will convert any Normal Date (year, day, month, hour and minutes) into Unix Epoch Date (like 537033240) and will convert any Unix time in normal date (dd/mm/yyyy - hh:mm). Useful if you have to edit a php script or a mysql entry. A demo can be seen at: Version 2.0: fixed a bug due to the time zone. Now it works right everywhere!

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